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  1. You can submit a confession through both the ask box and submission box. Both work fine.
  2. Don’t write hate about tumblr users and roleplayers.
  3. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. I know English isn’t everyone’s mother tongue (mine isn’t), but please try. I will correct any mistakes I see.
  4. If there is a specific photo you want to use for your confession, please submit it. However, the photo has to be official art or a screencap, NOT fanart.
  5. Every submission will be published anonymously, whether it was sent on anon or not.

Disclaimer: the opinions on this blog doesn’t reflect the opinions of the owner.

Please ask me if there is anything you’re unsure about.

Thank you, anon, for submitting the first confession! I hope I can get more in the future.

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Hello! This FMA confession blog is quite new so there is a lack of posts, but it will be up and running as soon as possible.

How to submit a confession

I hate the FMA anime from 2003 it’s a piece of shit. Uh. I’ll have to stop you right there, buddy. This is not what I mean by confession at all. It is okay to dislike something, but you’ll have to actually explain why you don’t like it.

I liked Brotherhood better than the 2003 version. It had a more interesting and solid plot. Perfect! It isn’t hateful and you get your point across like a mature person.

I want Edward Elric to moan and shudder and then i want to stick a lantern up his a- Okay stop. This is not the kind of confession I was looking for at all.

I think Edward Elric is hot. Yeah, that kind of confession is okay.

I love Fullmetal Alchemist because I watched it when my boyfriend broke up with me because he got mad at me when I talked to my childhood friend and then after that I got into a fight with my bestfriend, but we’re still friends together just not bestfriends. This is oddly specific. I am looking for confessions that people can relate to.

I love Fullmetal Alchemist because it taught me to never give up. Perfect!

I would prefer it if you just submitted text. Let me worry about the rest.

Okay, hope I didn’t scare you off now! Please submit if you want to.